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The epic story of U.S. Air Force Captain William Steel, an intelligence officer with serious authority issues, and his hunt for billions of dollars of lost WWII Japanese treasure hidden in the mountainous jungles of the Philippines.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Steel's Treasure book review: One Man's War: Diving as a Guest of the Emperor

A great read about one of the WWII U.S. navy divers who was a prisoner of war and forced by the Japanese military to dive for silver pesos dumped into the ocean by fleeing U.S. military forces (see
my previous post). More WWII treasure action like that found in Steel's Treasure and Steel's Gold books available on Amazon at

"94 pages about the war time experiences of Robert Sheats, as a younger diver in the United States Navy, and eventually known as "the Master of the Master Divers". The diving adventures recorded here are not the typical vessel salvage or daring underwater raid that predominates military diving history of the period. The group of military divers that Robert was a part of were a small, unknown and unrecorded unit, diving under extreme conditions with minimal equipment and no pay. They were, however, all divers of the same unique rank, Prisoner of War, and their unit motto could easily be "Dive or Die."

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