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The epic story of U.S. Air Force Captain William Steel, an intelligence officer with serious authority issues, and his hunt for billions of dollars of lost WWII Japanese treasure hidden in the mountainous jungles of the Philippines.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Steel's Treasure Part Dalawa

     We've been hearing from a lot of Steel fans about when will the next book will be published and their thoughts about a new plot line.  I’ve completed the outline for book II and will assure you that Jo Jo, Tony and the Negritos will be joining Steel for part dalawa of an action packed Philippine treasure hunting adventure. And for those Rosa fans-- Yes she is back in force.  Of course, there will be Japanese treasure, corrupt Marcos cronies and a plethora of sexy women to drive Steel nuts.  There will complications on-- just how the hell is Steel supposed to get treasure out of the country without Marcos’ henchmen getting hold of it?    Will Steel continue his relationship with the beautiful Filipina journalist Vida?  What of Antonio—will he reappear? 

     I apologize for the shortage of blog posts as I have taken some time off from writing to teach a couple of classes at the Virginia Military Institute.  One class is a History of Counterinsurgency an overview of various guerrilla wars—including analysis of the U.S.’s long time involvement in the Philippines starting during the Spanish American war, Moro Wars and helping the Marcos government combat the Communist New People’s army.  The second course is a historical overview of the U.S. government’s “War on Drugs.”  Interacting with the students keeps me sharp and current with intelligence related topics.  In any case, always happy to hear from folks interested in Steel’s Treasure and those adventurer’s looking for Yamashita’s treasure.

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