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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Imelda Admits She Has Yamashita Gold

Wow. A senior Philippine politician reported that Imelda Marcos said she had 7,000 bars of gold she would be willing to donate to the Philippine government. I wonder if she keeps the gold with her shoes. Would explain nicely where Yamashita's treasure went. See-- my Steel's Treasure and Steel's Gold novels are accurate.  See the article:


  1. Wonder where they were hiding the gold all this time they couldn't have taken it to Hawaii with them,when they fled the country. Will be interesting to see if she follows through with the give back. That much gold could really help the Philippine economy and poor people. This would be a good way for her or her kids to run for president in the near future, then steal it all back again.

  2. If that happens it will shut up a few doubters who say there never was a treasure.

  3. Can you imagine the Marcos family sitting on that fortune for all these years keeping it secret,with every one looking for it. It will be interesting to see how much they turn over to the Philippines treasury , love to know where they stored it.

  4. Lots of reports in the papers on this waiting to see how much cash and gold they actually turn over to the Philippines treasury. Lots of guessing and speculating whether it will be a token amount or a large amount.


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