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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Ferdinand Marcos-- Master manipulator of the truth

 Interesting article outlining the truth behind the death of Ferdinand Marcos's father (Mariano Marcos) who was brutally executed by Filipino guerrillas in 1945 for collaborating with the Japanese-- not as Ferdinand long espoused that his father died at the hands of the Japanese. 

(US Army major Robert Lapham-- third from left-- documented the death of Marcos's father at the hands of the guerrillas) Documents at the Philippine Archives Collection at the U.S. National Archives in Washington D.C. state that Marcos was tried and executed by the Luzon Guerrilla Armed Forces (LGAF), a guerrilla force fighting the Japanese under the command of Major Robert Lapham.  

In Lapham's account, Mariano Marcos was tried, and having "readily confessed," was executed on March 8, 1945, as a Japanese collaborator by the Luzon Guerrilla Armed Forces. Mariano Marcos was drawn and quartered - his hands were tied to two carabaos, which were then whipped to run in opposite directions.[His body parts were then hung by ropes on the branches of a large tree in what is now the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University,  Bacnotan campus, as a demonstration of what would happen to those who collaborated with the Japanese.

In a book written by Lapham later, he adds that some of the guerrillas who were allowed to participate in the execution were related to Julio Nalundasan.

The version of the story told by the Marcos family says that Mariano Marcos was executed by the Japanese

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