Join the hunt with two thrilling adventures: Steel's Treasure and the newly released Steel's Gold!

The epic story of U.S. Air Force Captain William Steel, an intelligence officer with serious authority issues, and his hunt for billions of dollars of lost WWII Japanese treasure hidden in the mountainous jungles of the Philippines.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Lieutenant Ramsey's War


      Enjoyed the book--worth a read.  WWII story of an U.S. army officer's guerrilla fight against Japanese forces.  Amazing story of survival, leadership and the complicated, ugly, guerrilla war.  For the Steel's Gold and Steel's Treasure fans-- I provided an excerpt detailing a Negrito story of finding huge gold nuggets in a mountain stream. Could be worth a trip to find the stream.  Too bad the author died in 2013-- need a better site location.

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