Join the hunt with two thrilling adventures: Steel's Treasure and the newly released Steel's Gold!

The epic story of U.S. Air Force Captain William Steel, an intelligence officer with serious authority issues, and his hunt for billions of dollars of lost WWII Japanese treasure hidden in the mountainous jungles of the Philippines.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hill Rag review!

"In many ways, Steel’s Gold is an old-fashioned thriller, set in an exotic location with plenty of sex and violence, but its overlay of political intrigue and psychological cross-currents give it added depth and resonance. Call it a guilty pleasure with benefits."

Steel's Gold is in the July issue of the Hill Rag Magazine! Grab a fresh copy off newsstands today.

Not in Washington, D.C.? You can read it online here. (page 120)


  1. I enjoyed both these books Steel't Treasure & Steel's Gold , Steel's Gold picks up where Steel's Treasure leaves off. The give you a good idea what it would of been like to hunt for Japanese treasure during the mid 1980's in the Philippines.

  2. Nick gives realistic account of what life was like around the Military bases during the 1980's . He really knows the subject since he was there at the time. It seems like a lot of his real life adventures are included in the 2 books, which i really enjoyed. I hope there will be a third in the series. Steel and his friends are interesting and i would like to find out what happens to them in the future.

  3. Anyone who likes treasure hunting stories or has a interest in the Japanese gold hid all over the Philippines will probably enjoy these 2 books. In the books Steel is out doing the Indiana Jones thing exploring caves and bunkers in the jungle around the military base looking for the Japanese treasure.

  4. I down loaded both Steel's Treasure and Steel's Gold to my e-book from Amazon , a real good buy. I was headed for a vacation in the Philippines and thought they might make a fun reed in my down time. It is a very long trip so they came in handy. I really enjoyed both books and liked the authors description of the Philippines in the 1980's it made you feel like i was there on the adventure.

  5. If you enjoy books about treasure hunting , or are interested in the Japanese gold hid in the Philippines during World War II you may enjoy these 2 books, they take place in the Philippines during the 1980's near Clark Air Force Base . The Author gives a good account of what it was like to be there at that time both in the mountains and life near the base. I enjoyed both books very much and hope to see a third some day.


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